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How do I fill out 2022 tax forms?
I hate when people ask a question, then rather than answer, someone jumps in and tells them they don't need to know--but today, I will be that guy, because this is serious.Why oh why do you think you can do this yourself?Two things to consider:People who get a masters degree in Accounting then go get a CPA then start doing taxes--only then do some of them start specializing in international accounting.  I've taught Accounting at the college-level, have taken tax classes beyond that, and wouldn't touch your return.Tax professionals generally either charge by the form or by the hour. Meaning you can sit and do this for 12 hours, or you can pay a CPA by the hour to do it, or you can go to an H&R Block that has flat rates and will do everything but hit Send for free.  So why spend 12 hours doing it incorrectly, destined to worry about the IRS putting you in jail, bankrupting you, or deporting you for the next decade when you can get it done professionally for $200-$300?No, just go get it done right.
Why does Western Union hold funds?
There are several reasons for Western Union to hold funds:The first reason is because either the sender or receiver is on the “Specially Designated Nationals List” or SDN List the Department of Treasury and FBI maintain. They get put on this list for having ties to organized crime, terrorism, narcotics trade, fraud, perpetuating scams, etc. You can see the list here: Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN). If the sender or receiver is on the list, Western Union will hold the funds and are prohibited from paying it out and will refund the sender’s money. Don’t try using a different spelling of the name because if it comes close, they will block it and they also track where the person picks the money up too and sending it to another country to avoid the system won’t work.The second reason the money could be placed on hold is because of the amount of money being sent. Anything over $1,000 will be put on hold until the sender answers additional questions required by federal law to make sure the person isn’t being defrauded, scammed, or committing some sort of wire fraud or money laundering.Another reason the money can be placed on hold is if they suspect a sender or receiver of fraud or money laundering or some sort of financial crime. Agents will call in the suspected person to Western Union and put a block on the transaction and this will kick back the funds to whoever sent the money and they will put both the sender and receiver into the system, so having someone else sending the money won’t work.Western Union will also hold transactions when they see people sending or receiving multiple transactions to the same or different people trying to avoid filling out the 8300 form the IRS needs for senders or receivers to fill out when the transactions hit $10,000. A lot of people don’t want to fill that form out and once that happens, Western Union gets notified about that and so do a lot of the agents within that area that there is a customer going around possibly doing something criminal by doing small transactions to avoid filling out that form. The penalties for a person who refuses to fill this out is a fine of $250 or 10% of what they sent if they do not go back to the business and fill it out (plus the money will be held until it is filled out), a SARS report that will be filled out on both the sender and receiver, and/or jail time for both.The agent must have called the Western Union hotline on the individuals suspecting that there is something going on with the person (even though they could have declined the transaction).These are some of the reasons why Western Union will hold transactions.
Does it hurt horses when you put a shoe on them? When you reshoe a horse and pull the old nail out to put a new one in, do you put it in the same hole? If not, how does that hole heal and fill on its own?
No, shoeing a horse causes no pain. Horse shoers, also called farriers, are well trained to perform all aspects of hoof care and balancing for soundness, comfort and correct movement. The old shoes are removed by filing away the clinches (more about clinches later…) and then pulling the old shoe along with the old nails.The horse’s hoof is constantly growing so before applying new shoes the shoer trims away the excess hoof wall. Often this means cutting off about 3/8 inch of hoof. The bottom of the hoof, called the sole, also grows constantly and needs to be trimmed, so after the shoer removes the mud and debris from the cleft of the hoof he or she will carefully trim the sole and frog (pad) to remove the excess and deteriorated hoof material. It is kind of like giving the horse a pedicure, but much more complicated because the hooves must be shaped correctly so that they land, break over and travel in a balanced manner as the horse moves or runs. Each hoof is different and each horse moves differently, too, so the shoer must shape each hoof to aid the horse’s movement.The old shoes are not put back on as they will have been worn thin, even though they are made of metal. Horses are heavy and apply a lot of force and friction to their shoes!Each of the new shoes is carefully shaped to match the shape of each hoof. That way, the shoes don’t interfere with the careful shaping and balancing of the hooves.The shoes are held on with a very special kind of nail. If you look at a shoeing nail closely you will see that the shaft of the nail is not round. It is rectangular with flat sides that taper to a very sharp point. On one of the wider sides of the nail you will see a pattern of parallel lines that have been scored into the metal, giving that side a distinct texture. When the shoer places the nail he or she makes sure that textured side is turned to face the hoof wall. As the nail is driven into the hard, insensitive hoof material that textured side causes the nail to bend. As a result, the tip of the nail exits the hoof partway up the hoof wall - generally about 3/4 inch above the shoe. (Since 3/8 inch hoof material was cut away the old nail holes are now out of the way for applying new nails.) As soon as the nails are fully driven into and through the hoof wall, the shoer cuts off the exposed points of the nails and then bends the remaining stub firmly down against the hoof wall and smooths off any rough edges to avoid them injuring the horse. It is the bent nail shafts, called “clinches”, that hold the shoes in place.
How can I help eliminate insomnia and racing thoughts?
In 2022 I got a letter from the IRS. They wanted to talk to me about the years 1997-2003. I was pretty scared. They had a lot of things they wanted to talk about. A LOT.The first thing I thought when I got that letter was, “oh shit. Tonight is going to suck.”And I was right. Around two in the morning I woke up and went to my computer. I started googling all  sorts of obscure IRS situations. I automatically put myself in the worst category. I assumed I was going to jail. I wondered if my kids would love me if I went to jail. Or what I would do for a living after I got out of jail. I started googling if it was true that if you put three cigarettes in a cup of water overnight and then drank the water in the morning you would die of a heart attack after 60 seconds. That seemed like a good idea to me at the time.When I finally talked to my accountant the next day he said it was a normal letter. No big deal. We took care of the whole thing. But not before I had another bout of sleepless nights. I even went to a meditation retreat during all of this to try and calm down. I would be sitting there meditating scared to death of going to jail even though intellectually I knew there was no reason to be worried. The entire retreat I kept wondering what everyone there would think of me if I went to jail.So many times since then I’ve been awake in the middle of the night with anxious thoughts. Would the stock I was fully invested in go up or down the next day? Would she leave me? Or her? Or her? Would my business fail? Would my website work the next day? Would Google buy my company? Uh-oh! Another letter from the IRS. Uh-oh, my daughter is sick. Claudia is sick. I’m sick.I read all about insomnia.Insomnia 101: no screen time in the two hours before you go to sleep, no alcohol, no heavy meals, no exercise, no sugar, no coffee at least 10 hours before you go to sleep. Soft voices.But sometimes that doesn’t help. I’d get to sleep, and then at 2 in the morning I’d wake up as anxious as ever.I’m sorry you are feeling this way. It’s a horrible feeling. You need to get some sleep, my friend.The other day my 10 year old came upstairs around three in the morning. I feel so bad for her. She is stuck with my illness. “Daddy,” she whispered to me so Claudia wouldn’t wake up. “Daddy, I can’t sleep. I keep thinking of things.” She’s ten. She’s stuck with some variation of my brain. She’s never going to sleep.I walked downstairs with her and we sat down and spoke for awhile. She told me she was upset because on her tenth year birthday someone was at her party who was acting bad. Mollie started to cry, “you only turn ten once. She ruined it for me!” I said, “Mollie, that was 8 months ago.” She said, “you don’t understand. You only turn ten once! Now forever it’s ruined!!”And she was right. Forever and ever, what happened is what happened. The party was ruined. The boss hates you. Your friends betrayed you. The IRS wants to speak to you. Your business didn’t get bought. You go broke. Your girlfriend cheats. Your co-workers suck. But you still have to sleep. None of these things will get better at two in the morning. You have to surrender to that.And 100 years from now, no buildings will have our names on them. I told her to count sheep and she went back in her room and eventually fell asleep. But I lied to her. Eventually that trick won’t work for her. Meditation is hard when your mind is racing.Sometimes I do the alien trick. I pretend I landed in my body on a secret mission from the mother ship to make “James Altucher’s” life better and I ask myself, “who am I? Why am I feeling this anxious pain in my chest, or gut, or head. Why is this body’s mind racing? Where  am I?” And I try to focus on the small sounds around me. I’m an alien on a mission. I try to place my surroundings this moment and that gradually makes me feel tired and go to sleep. It slows the brain down, while the alien gets acclimated with his new mission.But I’ll be honest: the first thing that helped me sleep, years ago, was medication. I took a highly addictive medicine to get to sleep. “The first goal is to get you to sleep,” said the psychopharmacologist. And sleep I did. Sometimes for 14 hours a night, the medication was so strong. And I kept upping the dosage until I was taking eight times the amount per day as was initially prescribed.But I had to get off the addiction or it would take me over. And that was hard.First try Insomnia 101, then try the Alien technique, then see a doctor. But Insomnia 101 is better than getting addicted to something.I’ll tell you what I do now if I have to. If I wake up at 2 in the morning (like I did this morning) and I feel “AWAKE” I get up and start working. I don’t try to go back to sleep. And  then later in the day I’ll take a nap. I’ll still get eight hours but it will be an abnormal eight hours.The body is meant to sleep and dream. Else you find yourself time traveling back to your tenth year birthday party, filled with anger and regret. Or it becomes too easy to time travel to an apocalyptic future where you are in jail and nobody loves you. The best technique: practice surrendering to the moment.Even if it means pretending to be an alien that it a long way from home. The best thing you can do to achieve your mission is sleep and solve the problems of your host body in the morning.Note: I answer this and similar questions in  http://www.jamesaltucher.com/cat...
How do I practice living in present?
This is a good question. The reason i think it is a good question, is because it is practical and not merely philosophical - one can truly benefit from putting the answer into practice. It is also a good question, because it gives me a chance to clarify wrong conceptions regarding common and mistaken interpretations of the concept of "living in the now" (TMHO, of course).What does it really mean to "live in the present"?Basically, it is about right-awareness. In other words - proper attentiveness to what is going on right now. For example: noticing the flow of the breath, the touch of the air or the cloth on your skin, the expansion of the heart when you're excited or the hole in your upper stomach when you're depressed. It can be more or less subtle: the sounds you hear - all the spectrum and all the amplitudes - without judgement nor active preference, yet with as much discernment you can have, if one is practice and capable enough, it can be also be the flow of the mind-stream - those micro mental events that compose the thoughts, the perception itself and the self-grasping. It is about opening up to the original experience of reality - before the mind makes the stories, the subjective-interpretations, before it jumps to future plans, hopes, fears, remembrance and nostalgia. It is about peace of mind, about resting at that deep home in our heart. It is about acceptance, about compassionate abiding without feeling the need to be somewhere else mentally.When one learns how to do that, the more proficient and natural his abiding becomes, the less confused and troubled the mind becomes and clarity increases. As the clarity increases, so increased the wisdom of knowing one's own mind, one's true nature and the nature of the world around as well as others' hearts. Thus, one's actions - mental, verbal and physical actions - become wiser, "cleaner" and more inner peace is achieved as well as better results in general. How can it be practiced?There are many simple, classic, practices. For example, mindfulness of the natural breathing,  walking meditation, shamatha with an object and more. In youtube, you can find instructions. One of the great teachers i know, who focus on the breathing technique and takes it to really amazing heights, is Tich Nat Hann (thich nhat hanh breathing). i'm sure you'll find lots of other resources as well. It is important to understand that it takes perseverance and effort, because the nature of our mind is to roam the past and the future and it normally takes time to teach it to rest in the now. Also, there are supporting and obstructing factors, where the main ones are conduct and kindness: unethical/harmful conduct makes the mind restless while the opposite is a foundation for restful, mind. The same is with kindness: harsh talk and behavior vs. kind and loving approach. As the great Teachers say, unconditioned compassion and love are the doors to the now...Thank you for the question.
How would one escape prison and never get caught?
In the United States it is very difficult. The only ones you are allowed to call are the ones on your call list. They have to be approved before you can call them. Then your conversations are recorded.They go through your mail and read it so they know who writes you and who you write to.Then all of your visitors have to be approved.So, they pretty much know who helped you escape.About the only ways would be to have a staff member help you but, there are cameras that will record the two of you leaving. If you work at a work camp where they let you mow grass on the side of the road unsupervised you could have someone pick you up. However, it won’t be hard to find out who picked you up.You would have to move very fast and have smart people help you.
Can the IRS put me in jail if I don’t pay 10% tax from my $500 casino winnings?
For 10% of $500? $50?Not just for that, no.But it doesn’t work like that. If you don’t pay the tax, you get hit with late filing penalties, FTP (Failure To Pay) penalties, and interest on both the tax and the penalties. This creates a pattern. They will first go after you civilly, garnish any wages they can find, any bank accounts they can find, that kind of thing. The debt will have ballooned because of the interest and penalties to much more than the $50 you owed. It might run into hundreds of dollars by this time, maybe more than the whole $500 you won. And if you have arranged your finances so that they can’t grab your money, the only thing they can do is grab you.That’s when you get arrested and put in jail.So• is it worth it, to not pay the $50 in taxes? Think of it like only winning $450 instead of $500.Would you be miserable if you had only won $450 instead of $500?
If you’re supposed to fight when someone wants to fight you in jail, then how are you supposed to get out early for good behavior?
First of all, no fight like that is going to come down right out in front of a houseful of officers. It will happen out on the handball courts, or in a relatively quiet corner (yes, such things do exist ) in the prison complex. Next up, very very few fights are to the death. They are simply so one inmate can establish his dominance over another. If you stand up for yourself and show up on time, quite likely there won’t be a fight. It won’t be a love fest, but you will have shown that you ARE a stand-up type of guy. That will do more for your street creds in prison than laying back and kicking out rent for yard space, and yes, even your bunk, to anyone who demands it.
You were put in jail for murder but you want to get out. What is the best option to escape prison?
You need to find a man who can locate things from time to time, a small rock hammer, a poster of Rita Hayworth, and time.
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